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Deborah Kepes image

Deborah Ankrom Kepes
Georgia Goodwill Ambassador
The Portrait Society of A





Deborah Kepes tells why Silver Brush
is her choice for portraits.

"As an artist and instructor I've found that Silver Brush is the most consistent source for reliable and superior products. The brush that an artist relies upon can be 50% of the difficulties or successes one deals with when making their mark. The Grand Prix pure interlocked white bristle and the Renaissance 100% Pure Red Sable brushes always give me the firmness, or the gentleness that I'm looking for in rendering the subtlety of an oil portrait. There is a bounce in the interlocked bristles that they retain for months of constant use. My work can take me to a smooth finish or a textured finish, but either way this line of brushes will always come through for me. The Mops & Blenders allow me to finesse the entire painting or the tight intricate areas around the facial features."

Deborah Kepes - Panama City Portrait - 2008
Panama City Recovery - Deborah Ankom Kepes

Having studied art for many years under the tutelage of many great painters, I recommend only Silver Brush to my students. My classes run back to back each week throughout the year and periodically workshops throughout the east coast and I find it enjoyable when I walk into an art store and can pick up a new Silver Brush on a minute's notice. I'm sure most art stores realize that superior brushes are the mainstay in a professional artists career.

d_kepes-tools image
Tools of the Trade - Deborah Ankrom Kepes - 2006

For more information on Deborah Ankrom Kepes; paintings, classes or workshops, click above or;

Cobble Creek Studios
2480 Cobble Creek Lane
Grayson, GA 30017
or email Deborah at:

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