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Johnnie Lilliedahl

Johnnie Liliedahl Talks about Silver Brushes

"The Silver Grand Prix brushes are workhorses, and my favorite brushes for most of the work in my paintings. I particularly like the two styles of white bristle filberts in the Grand Prix line, and use them for different purposes. The Series 1003 filberts are perfect for pushing the paint around vigorously, and they hold up under a lot of scrubbing and mashing of the paint on the canvas. The Series 1027 Xtra Long Filberts are my favorites for initial drawings and light, delicate strokes, as they provide the length necessary to make the airy, dry brush strokes seen on the finished surface of my paintings. When I have to travel light, with just a few paints and brushes, I take only these two series with me in three sizes, and I can paint virtually anything with them.

In the studio, I add other brushes to my collection to do techniques not used in my alla prima work. For detailed and highly refined work in faces or hands, I use the Renaissance Series 7102 Pure Red Sable Brights in all sizes. The Kolinsky Series 7201 Flats are perfect for glazing techniques because of their extra long hair length, which also allows a light feathery touch with no tell-tale brushstrokes

I know I can depend on the superior quality and longevity of the Silver brushes, and heartily recommend them to all my students. I searched for many years for a perfect set of brushes that would hold up under vigorous use and do all the techniques I use and teach."

Johnnie Liliedahl Sets

JL-7117 Set
JL-7117 Deluxe Set
in Tuscany Zipper Case
Click photo for Contents and details

JL-7117 Deluxe Brush Set photo

JL-7105 Set photo
JL-7105 Basic Set
Click photo for Contents and details


Please visit
to view Johnnie's work
or make an On-Line Purchase:
Liliedahl Fine Art Studio • Liliedahl Publications
Liliedahl Video Productions
808 South Broadway St.
La Porte, TX  77571-5324Phone / Fax 877-867-0324


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JL-7105 Brush Set JL-7117 Deluxe Brush Set photo