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Luana Luconi Winner - Portrait Artist - Raleigh, NC

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Luana Luconi Winner image


Luana Luconi Winner selects Silver Brushes for her paintings and recommends them for her students

One day a friend offered me a couple of Silver Brushes to try. Until then I had been using the same Italian, French, British, and Spanish brushes I had learned to use while living in Italy and Switzerland. But that was it.  The Silver Brush had all the properties I had been searching for in all the other brushes combined.  I have been using Silver Brushes in my portrait studio ever since.

The Grand Prix filberts are the perfect brush for control. They have a belly capable of carrying a large amount of paint to the canvas, combined with just enough rigidity that only a Chunking bristle can provide, with the added bonus of a softer, more flexible "give" that allows for beautiful calligraphic strokes.

Then I also discovered Silver soft haired mops for blending, sable cats tongues for details in portraiture, and liners for drawing with paint to restate design elements.

As a workshop instructor, I always encourage my students to buy the best they can afford even when just starting out.  Students can use Ruby Satin and Bristlon, both synthetic filament brushes, with confidence that they will withstand repeated scrubbing and abuse. Their appeal is their longevity making them a great value, dollar for dollar.

The process of creating art is enhanced and made easier by using the right tools. Letting the tools do the work allows the artist the freedom to concentrate on the statement. Start with the best and stay with it.

Portrait-Luana Winner image
Portrait by Luana Luconi Winner


for more information about
Luana Luconi Winner, her painting workshops, classes and demonstrations, contact:

LW-1306 Luana Winner Set
LW-1307 set photo
Luana Winner
Introductory Set
(click photo for larger image & contents)
Luana Winner
Intermediate Set
(click photo for larger image & contents)

LW-7717 Luana Luconi Winner Traveling Essential Set image
LW-7717 Luana Winner
Traveling Essentials Set
(click photo for larger image & contents)

WinnerStudios at Artspace
Studios 214 and 215
201 East Davie Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
or email Luana at

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Luana Luconi Winner photo LW-1306 Luana Winner Set photo LW-1307 Luana Winner Set