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Daniel Greene, NA photo
Daniel E. Greene, NA

Daniel E. Greene received his formal training at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and the Art Students League, as well as the National Academy of Design. Most celebrated for his portraiture, Greene has painted numerous leaders in government, banking, education and industry, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Astronaut Walter Schirra, Author Ayn Rand and William Randolph Hearst.
His work can be found in more than 500 public and private collections, including
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution and the White House.
Greene was elected to the Pastel Society of America’s Pastel Hall of Fame in 1983 and in 1995 received the American Society of Portrait Artists’ John Singer Sargent award. In 2001 he was named a gold medallist by the Portrait Society of America.

Click here for Daniel Greene's web site, where you'll find more information about his work, classes, lectures, books, other publications and activities


DG-7336 Set image
DG 7336 - 27 Brush Master Selection
Click image for Contents & Details


DG7549 Set image
DG 7549 - 49 Brush Complete Set
Click image for Contents and Details

Daniel E. Greene, NA tells why his brush choices are Silver Brush.
“The shape of the Silver Brush Renaissance Cats Tongue makes this red sable a perfect cross between round, bright and flat. It allows me particular control for details.
The Grand Prix Filbert combines flats, brights and rounds in one shape. The old masters used rounds, but filberts combine the best features of the rounds and flats. I recommend filberts over any shape.”

Daniel Green Letter image

Click on Daniel Greene's letter to see why he recommends Silver Brushes.

Silver Brush has created five brush sets to the specifications of Daniel E. Greene, NA.
They are specifically selected and designed to meet the needs of portrait painters as well as experienced artists looking to complete their brush collection with the finest.

DG-7116 Daniel Greene Starter Portraiture Set image
DG 7116 - Portraiture Starter Set
Click image for Contents & Details

DG-7226 Daniel Green Professional Portraiture Set photo
DG 7226 - 20 Brush Professional Portraiture Set
Click image for Contents & Details

DG-7771 Daniel Greene Cats Tongue Detail Brush Set
DG 7771 - 16 Brush
Cats Tongue Pure Red Sable Set
Click image for Contents & Details

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DG-7116 Daniel Greene Starter Portraiture Set DG-7226 Professional Portraiture Set image DG-7336-Daniel Greene Master Selection image 7549 Daniel Greene Complete Set image Daniel Green Endorsement Letter image Daniel Greene photo