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Kathi Hanson image
Kathi Hanson, CDA

Accomplished artist and teacher, Kathi has published magazine articles, won art awards, authored "How to do Watercolor Pencils" book and created the recent “Watercolor Pencil” video.

Kathi is a regular contributing author to decorative painting magazines and an acclaimed teacher at the Society of Decorative Painters Conventions.

Click Kathi Hanson for a direct link to her web site and more information about her classes, teaching schedule, publications, videos, and artwork.


Kathi Hanson says of Silver Brush,
"If I could only own one brush for watercolor it would be a Black Velvet #8 series 3000S round. The full body and slender tip make it the most versatile brush I have ever used. With one stroke I can fill in both large and small areas with color. The quality of this brush is beyond words. 
For all my liner work I use a Golden Natural #0 series 2007S Script. It's long hairs hold a nice load of paint and it performs beautifully. When covering large areas of paper with paint or water I use a Silverwhite® 1" series 1511S Stroke brush. It is a quality brush at a reasonable cost that gets the job done effortlessly."

Silver Brush, in cooperation with Kathi, created a selection of watercolor brushes that are ideal for the basic decorative techniques in watercolor.

This three brush set features a selection of watercolor brushes from our Black Velvet™, Golden Natural™ and Silverwhite™ series, offering sizes and shapes to enable painters to work with the basic strokes and techniques of watercolor painting.

KH-3015 Kathy Hanson WC Set
KH-3015S 3 Brush Watercolor Basic Set

Silverwhite™ 1511S-1" Stroke
Golden Natural™ 2007S-0 Script Liner
Black Velvet™ 3000S-8 Round

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