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Thomas V. Nash image  

Thomas V. Nash, national award winning portrait artist is a leading American portrait painter. His paintings can be found in university and corporate boardrooms, the Georgia Capitol and the U.S. Capitol. His portraits of men, women and children are also found in private collections throughout the U.S.


Thomas V Nash Portrait
Zell Miller, Governor of Georgia
Portrait by Thomas V. Nash


Click here for a link to the
Thomas V. Nash web site,
where you'll find more information about Tom Nash, his commissions, classes and portrait work.


“The Thomas V. Nash sets contain the essential brushes I return to again and again in my work. I have been proud to recommend these sets for many years.”

Featured in these sets are Grand Prix™ World-Class Pure White Bristle, Renaissance™ Pure Red Sable and Silverstone™ Superior White Bristle brushes.


TN-1050 Thomas V Nash Portrait Brush Set
TN 1050 - 7 Brush Portrait Selection
Click on photo for contents list and larger photo

TN-1060 Thomas V Nash Intermediate Brush Set
TN 1060 - 14 Piece Intermediate Portrait Set
Click on photo for contents list and larger photo

TN-1070 Nash Portrait Set image
TN 1070 - 24 Piece Master Portrait Set
Click on photo for contents list and larger photo

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