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Silver Mops

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Wee Mop Oval Shader Brush images

Finest quality ultra-soft
white and black goat hair

The perfect brushes for cosmetic blending. So soft and lustrous, these long lasting mops are favorites of professional makeup artists, salon and home users alike.
Made of the finest quality ultra-soft white and black goat hair, fitted to nickel plated ferrules and polished red or black hardwood handles.



White Round Blush
5518S 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
White Oval Blush
5519S 1/2,” 3/4,” 1”
Black Round Blush
5618S 10, 12, 14, 16, 20
Black Oval Blush
1/2,” 3/4,” 1”



Wee Mop™ Oval Eye Shaders

The softest pure Camel Hair eye shadow brushes. Long balanced handles make traditionally hard to reach areas easy to get to. They blend color easily and soften edges uniformly.

Wee Mop™ Miniature Oval
5319S 1/8,” 3/16,” 1/4,” 3/8”

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