Atelier™ 5325S Goat Hair Quill


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Atelier™ Goat Hair Quills are perfect for oils, acrylics or watercolors. They are supreme detail brushes that will last a lifetime due to the specially dressed natural hairs. Use them to blend, create washes and backgrounds or to add detail to your painting. These beauties won't leave brushstrokes in your paint and they're wonderful for dry brush blending. 

  • Excellent blending brush for all color including oils, acrylics, gouache, inks, dyes and watercolors
  • Use for shading and highlighting areas in paintings
  • Easy lifting and smooth application
  • Can be used for encaustics

Our Atelier™ art brushes were designed for acrylic and watercolor media artists. These brushes are very thirsty and have a full belly for absorbing a maximum amount of liquid, limiting reload time. The fibers are also quite flexible. The Atelier™ Squirrel Blend Quills are professional artist brushes feature a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. They are excellent for laying down a wash, wet-on-wet techniques, fine lines, broad strokes, and petals and leaves.

Our round quill brushes come in a variety of sizes. The fibers are silky-smooth, have maximum color-carrying capacity, and are ideal for fine lines and broad strokes. The short handle is best for tabletop painting.

Silver Brush Limited is the premier supplier of fine painting supplies in the United States. We have created a remarkable collection of high-quality artist brushes. We believe that high-quality brushes lead to higher-quality art.

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