AC-1411 Alexander Cruz

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Long Handle Brushes
•  1 each of Silverstone® Filbert, Size 4 and 6
•  1 each of Silverstone® Fan, Size 2 and 4

​•  1 each of Silver Atelier Mottler® Oval, Size 30
​•  1 each of Silver Jumbo Golden Natural Bristle
Oval, Size MD and XLG

Short Handle Brushes
•  1 Golden Natural® Script, Size 2
•  1 
Cutter White Bristle Size 1 IN and 2 IN

Alexander Cruz is a multi-faceted Puerto Rican artist most recognize for his wildlife paintings but he also works other themes such as still life, portraits, landscapes and floral painting. Alexander teaches several oil painting techniques in countries like Puerto Rico, Germany, Taiwan, Spain and the United States. With the slogan “Teaching the World how to Paint” and his teaching program, “The Ultimate Painting Experience” Cruz has been honored by UNESCO as an International Ambassador Artist for his outstanding work in art education of children around the world. In addition, his work hangs in prestigious galleries, museums, Convention Centers and Government halls throughout the world.

In Alexander's brush sets, you will find a selection of our Renaissance®, Ruby Satin®, Monza®, Alpine White™ and Bulletin Cutter collections. 

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