FB-9001S Background/Gesso Foundation Oil & Acrylic 3pc set

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Foundation Artist Brush Set#4

Silver Brush Ltd “Foundation Brush Sets” contain the standard brushes that artists will need for any painting class – from the first stroke to the final varnish. The contents of our Foundation Sets were carefully selected so that any artist from beginner to advanced will have dependable, high-quality, long lasting brushes. Each set was specifically designed for a preferred medium, including watercolor, acrylic and oil. Choose from a range thoughtfully curated sets for adding detail, background painting, varnishing projects and more

FB-9001S Background/Gesso Foundation Oil & Acrylic 3pc set

  • Raw Canvas Scrub & Grind
  • Each brush easily carries heavy bodied paint and lays it down with a lightly textured stroke
  • Expect stiff, snappy filaments that have clean crisp edges
  • Great for large canvas, paper and any substrate

One of each:

  • 1902S size 20 Bristlon® Bright: Bristlon® acrylic and oil artist brushes are expertly crafted with a luxurious synthetic filament that imitates hog bristle. The largest bright size Bristlon® brush will move color over surfaces with ease. Each brush has a short wooden handle finished with an elegant, nickel-plated brass ferrule that will not rust. Durable enough to be used over grounds and other rough textures.
  • 6814S size 2” Crystal™ wide wash: Crystal™ wide wash short handle series offer tight-stroke control. They are the tools to use when creating abstract designs, background washes and color blocking.
  • 8001 size 30 Jumbo hog bristle flat: Jumbo™ flat hog bristle brushes are wear resistant and very long-lasting, artists will enjoy these brushes for years to come.

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