Silverstone® 1100 Round LH

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Silverstone® brushes are of the finest quality interlocking Chungking white hog bristle. They have perfectly balanced and shaped handles for ultimate comfort and control while a nickeled brass ferrule protects the brush from damage, splitting and wear. Perfect for Plein Air painters!

Our Silverstone® brushes are a favorite among plein air oil painters. They have perfectly balanced and shaped handles for ultimate comfort and control, and the tips feature plenty of spring. Silverstone® is made from professional-grade paintbrushes are expertly crafted from the finest-quality, interlocking, Chungking white hog bristle. They feature a nickel-plated brass ferrule that protects each brush from damage.

Our round art brushes are superior tools to use when creating precise, detailed work. Each round brush can create thin lines, fine detail, dots, and scrollwork. The long wooden handle is ideal for easel painting.

Each Silverstone® hog bristle brush is best paired with oil paints. The natural bristles allow the tips to retain lots of color, keeping you from having to reload often.

Silver Brush Limited is the premier supplier of fine painting supplies in the United States. We have created a remarkable collection of high-quality artist brushes. We believe that high-quality brushes lead to higher-quality art.


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