Silverstone® 1103 Filbert LH

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Silverstone® brushes are of outstanding quality. Perfectly balanced and shaped, they feature interlocked 100% Chungking white hog bristles for maximum color carrying capacity and corrosion-resistant double crimped pure copper ferrules with an epoxy seal for added protection. A favorite among Plein Air painters!

Silverstone® filbert brushes have been the preferred choice of portrait artists and botanical painters for decades because of their superior performance. The oval shaped head is ideal for the soft natural curves of the human form or flower petals and leaves. 

Our Silverstone® line has been used to paint political portraits, including US Presidents and First Ladies. Each brush has excellent paint-holding capabilities and is well balanced. This line offers brushes with interlocking bristles and natural flags. Silverstone professional brushes are expertly crafted with elite-quality hog bristle. Each brush has a long matte-green handle that reduces glare and is finished with a sophisticated, corrosion-resistant, copper ferrule.

Each Silverstone® hog-bristle brush is best paired with oil paint. With their natural flags, these professional artist brushes are designed to carry maximum color across the painting surface. Enjoy watching your textured colors come to life.

Silver Brush Limited is the premier supplier of fine artist supplies in the United States. We have created a remarkable collection of superior artist brushes. We believe that high-quality brushes lead to higher-quality art.

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