KH-3025S Kathi Hanson Watercolor 3pc Basic set


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KH-3025S Kathi Hanson Watercolor 3pc Basic set features one of each of the following:

  • Silverwhite® 1511S-1" Stroke. The softest, double thick, fully packed white synthetic filament brush series on the market. Large bristle sizing makes Silverwhite® the best value for the money. 10-12 different size diameter filaments help make Silverwhite® an example of the finest color carrying white taklon brush. Silverwhite® has chiseled edges and sharp needlepoints on round brushes and extra-large sizes that will work very well on large surfaces like murals and walls.
  • Black Velvet® 3000S-8 Round. Soft and luxurious, nothing compares to Black Velvet®. For all water based paint including inks, dyes and silk painting. Black Velvet® is distinctly blended with squirrel and synthetic fibers. The natural hair allows the brush to absorb huge amounts of color while the synthetic filament gives it the snap and response you want from a professional watercolor brush. There is no other brush on the market that can carry the amount of color to the surface of the painting and maintain its high moisture content. Try it on the heaviest weight paper and all types of paper surfaces. A long lasting investment worth making. The joy the Black Velvet® series will give the watercolorist is worth the price. More hits on than any other brush series. 
    • Can be used in watercolor, gouache, inks, and dyes.
  • Golden Natural® 2007S-0 Script Liner One of two blended series in the Silver Brush line. Golden Natural® replicates the sharp needlepoint’s and edges of Red Sable brushes. Our special blend gives the brush exceptional color holding capacity while the synthetic gives it great spring and bounce. Control is the essence of the Golden Natural® series. For the artists that want to control color flow on painting surfaces for illustrators and cartoonists. Golden Natural® is wear resistant and set into seamless nickel plated brass ferrules. Use the script liner for scroll and line work. Excellent for signatures, flowers and illustrators.

Accomplished artist and teacher Kathi Hanson has published magazine articles, won art awards, authored “How To Do Watercolor Pencils” and created a “Watercolor Pencil” video. She is an acclaimed teacher and demonstrator at painting conventions across the United States. 

“If you are looking for high quality watercolor brushes at a reasonable price this brush set is for you. I have been using the same three brushes for twenty years and they still perform like they did the day I took them out of the set. The Black Velvet® #8 round has a tapered tip and full belly allowing you to paint both small and large areas with one brush. The Golden Natural® script liner effortlessly creates beautiful strokework in your painting. The Silverwhite® 1" stroke brush holds an amazing amount of pigment for laying in large areas of color and the sharp chisel edge creates leaves, crisp linear color areas, etc.” K. Hanson

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