Silver Kolinsky™ 7200S Round


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The Silver Kolinsky series is made with high-quality pure red sable. They are fine, extra small, 100% pure Kolinsky-grade red sable brushes that won’t lose their shape and have the ability to hold maximum amounts of color for quick continuous work. These brushes are hand cupped, shaped and tied by skilled brush makers in Germany with brush heads that are secured in gold plated ferrules and secured to varnished, perfectly balanced wooden handles. Superior quality and superior performance.

These elegant brushes come in a range of smaller sizes and are ideal for adding detail to your paintings or working on miniatures. Handmade in Germany by skilled artisans, Silver Kolinsky brushes not only look beautiful, but they paint like a dream. You can expect high absorbency, fine points, chiseled edges, a soft touch and gentle spring. Use in watercolor, gouache, and oil paints

7200S Round
Ranging in size from 00 to 10, rounds are the most popular shape in the Silver Kolinsky brush series. You can count on these brushes to do most of your work. In fact, you can usually use just 1 round brush from start to finish of your painting. Fine points allow for detail while a nice belly lays down thicker strokes.

Specific Way to Clean the Brush

  • Be sure to clean your brush after each painting session. Letting paint dry in the brush can cause it to not perform as expected. 
  • Never leave your brush sitting in water for any length of time.
  • If you are painting with acrylics, wipe as much paint off of the brush head as you can before massaging the paint out in warm running water. 
  • If you are painting with oils, wipe as much paint off of the brush head as you can before cleaning it with an artist-grade odorless solvent. 
  • If you are painting with watercolor or gouache, rinse the head of the brush with warm water until the water runs clear. 
  • Always lay your brushes flat to dry. Leaving them upright can cause water and/or excess paint to seep into the metal ferrule and it will eventually ruin the brush. 

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